For a simple yet thorough clean resulting in surfaces that sparkle, rely on PowerHouse industrial all-purpose cleaner. PowerHouse cleaner quickly dissolves grease and other substances such as ink on contact. It is suitable for cleaning and degreasing a majority of hard surfaces including vinyl, metal, porcelain, fiberglass, rubber and some plastics. 

Look No Further For a Spectacular Clean

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It's Not Just Intended For Commercial Use

PowerHouse all-purpose cleaner is so versatile, it can even be used beyond the pressroom. It's great for virtually any surface — at home, in the office, at the store or try it in the warehouse and garage.

Whether you're struggling to remove four-year old ink off your press or trying to remove grease off motor parts, if you can't get it clean, you haven't tried PowerHouse industrial all-purpose cleaner!


“We have used PowerHouse cleaner on our ink fountains, wash-up trays, doctor blades and other equipment in our facility. Nothing has cleaned that equipment..."

What Clients Are Saying

 "In a world where products often over promise and under perform, it was refreshing to get one that does the opposite. We first applied PowerHouse cleaner on our Mimaki JFX-500’s carriage and..."

"I took some home and tried using it on some pet stains in the carpet and not only did PowerHouse cleaner remove the stains..."

  • Available in quarts (single spray bottle or case of 12)
  • Available in gallons (single or case of 4)
  • Larger quantities available upon request
  • Refill quart bottles with gallon refills



  • Exceptional cleaning power
  • Non-damaging cleaner
  • Doesn't contain ammonia
  • Pleasant scent