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Quick 3-Step No Powder

 Printing Process

1) Print reverse graphics in CMYK, white ink and liquid adhesive on transfer film

2) Ink cures in Cobra dryer

3) Place film in heat press with desired fabric or application

Equals sharp, vibrant results



24" and 50" Models Available

No Powder DTFTM (Direct-to-Film) 

CobraFlex PrintersTM

No Powder DTF CobraFlex printers are reliable and
cost-effective to own. In addition to being extremely
intuitive and easy to operate, CobraFlex printers
require less labor and maintenance, and the printing
process is more affordable (as low as six cents for a left-chest application) when compared to DTG,
screen printing, and laser white toner transfers.

Low Ownership Cost, Increased ROI

We are a national distributor, located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, supporting DTF/DTG, offset, dye sublimation, and small and wide format print processes with equipment, consumables and services. Our mission is to be your value-added low-cost provider.

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We offer a diverse portfolio with complete sublimation solutions - from color management expertise to wide format equipment, to inks, transfer paper and tissue paper, along with in-house paper converting services.

No Powder DTF CobraFlex printers are the latest technological advancement in apparel and promotional product printing. CobraFlex printers are available in two widths, 24” and 50”, and feature multiple Epson i3200 print heads with CMYK plus white and a proprietary printable adhesive, which has eliminated the need to use powder.

No Powder DTF CobraFlex printers print up to 255 sq.ft./per hour, and provide dot-for-dot adhesion, resulting in crisp, vibrant graphics.

Advantages of Direct-to-Film Transfer, No Powder Technology


With No Powder DTF CobraFlex printers, the printing process is much more versatile and eliminates the mess from powder-shaker printers. DTF gives you much more flexibility, with the ability to print on a variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon and silk. 

Additional applications such as wood, hemp, leather and canvas also print with amazing results. The major benefit is the ability to print white ink on dark and colored cotton, polyester and spandex fabrics, which opens the door to countless opportunities!

Endless Opportunities

-  Fabric doesn't require pre-treatment or coatings

-  Proprietary liquid adhesive eliminates using powder

-  Printed graphics result in soft hand feel and exhibit 

-  Quicker and easier process when compared to DTG

     -  Shirts per minute vs. minutes per shirt

 excellent wash resistance

-  Print white ink on dark and colored fabrics

-  Eco-friendly water-based ink

New CobraFlex Heat Presses Available

Single-Plate Heat Press

Dual-Plate Heat Press

Quick-Changing Optional Platens

Plate Dimensions: 15.75" x 19.50"

Dimensions: 44" x 33" x 45" 

LCD Control Panel

Power Supply: Standard 110V

Power Supply: Standard 110V

LCD Control Panel

CobraFlex Powder Printer 

with Space Saver Shaker